Why Booking Celebrity Talent Is Like Buying a House!

Patti BestBooking Celebrity Talent (or any entertainment) Is Like Buying a House….

Have you ever seen a House for Sale by Owner?  The thought of saving that money can be quite a lure, and people do it all the time, but it is an advisable way to go?  No. A lot of bad things can happen when you don’t know the pitfalls and potholes of the real estate business.

Chances are when you’re buying a house; you’re going hire a real estate agent to help you through the process. Why? An agent knows the lay of the land, how to negotiate, where the best deals are, and has the expertise and access to resources that you most likely don’t.

When it comes to booking celebrity entertainment (or any entertainment for that matter) for your special event, the same idea applies. Whether you are an experienced event planner or a blushing bride, it is alwaHarry Connickys best to work with an entertainment production company.  Not doing so because you think it may “cost more” is not a valid excuse. Here’s why.

  • We have the inside scoop on industry inventory. We know the hottest acts on the scene and their market value, who is great and who is a bloody nightmare to work with, and who is up and coming for your event in 2017.
  • We sweat the details for you. We know how to deal with “fussy” artists, so you get the best performance possible.  Happy artists often deliver more than expected. (Bonus!)
  • We know how to negotiate the best deal. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. We have a ton of experience – we do this all day every day – in fact, it’s all we do. We know how to help you get the best deal and keep your costs in line.
  • Saving money never hurt anyone. Everybody likes to get the biggest bang for the buck. Just like buying a house, buying entertainment for your event is a big investment.  Just like a real estate agent can negotiate tens of thousands of dollars from the price of a house, our experience will save you hundreds of headaches and thousands of dollars and cover your investment in us.
  • We Protect You. Did the owner of the house inform and disclose everything to you as required by law?  Do you know how to read the fine print?  The same thing applies to entertainment.  We know what to look for and how to avoid problems, and we are doing it to protect you, our client.

By the way, artists and their management prefer to deal with entertainment professionals, and they often have existing professional relationships.  Those relationships translate directly to added value in making your show a success.

You’ll love working with us.  We’ve worked with every kind of artist you can think of over the past two decades.  We have seen (and dealt with) it all.  From the sassiest singers to the biggest divas, nothing fazes us, but we do have some crazy stories for you!

Sealing the deal with a celebrity artist is much easier if you have an entertainment expert.  Just like buying that new house, at the end of the day, WE are working to make sure YOUR show goes off without a hitch.

So, if you’re looking to hire entertainment, give us a call at 972.960.2525.   There is a reason we are the #1 award-winning entertainment production company in North America. Just ask our clients – they will tell you – or better yet, ask us – we’ll show you!

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