Booking Entertainment Online; When Google, Pinterest and Facebook Aren’t Your Friend

A client calls.  They need our help.  No offense they say, but to save money, they’ve procured all their entertainment directly.  They just need our services on site day of, to manage it all. google-dr-evil They assure us everything is in order and then…. it’s not.  Most event professionals have been there.

So why am I talking about it again?  Because now there’s Google, Pinterest, or Facebook, and everyone has a friend who does something – and they are all experts, pros or famous. These days, it’s even easier for a sub par entertainer or sham company to hang out their plaque – in fact; it only takes a minute for a fly-by-night company to spring up.

When did claiming to be an expert or professional make it so? In a digital, photo-shopped world where video and sound bytes can make or break people and their lives, online business fronts can spring up in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to look flashy and successful, but that may not be the case.

Dog DJRecently, I heard on the news in Dallas; a wedding DJ overbooked himself on a number of dates to several brides, many of their weddings on the same day.  They paid their deposits, and on the day of their weddings – voila – no DJ!  It turned out this was a guy who put up a website and then booked events he could never handle…. So, he just didn’t. Not only were the brides furious and stressed because there was no entertainment at their wedding, but they were also out of pocket for the money with no recourse.  Do to all the hullabaloo that website is down and the guy is out of business.   The real question is: How did they find him?  Google.

Another event planner recently shared their experience with me. She had produced a celebrity wedding, and the groom was in the music industry. One of their close friends was going to DJ for their reception.  He was a pro. A “celebrity” on the circuit. He’d arrive by 2:00 PM.  Questions about equipment and power went unanswer
ed. The couple reassured the planner that everything was under control. On the day of the wedding, the couple is at the church getting married, and the DJ shows up – at 3:00 PM. The end. No really, that’s the whole story.  Oh yeah, the DJ showed up …. with NO music, NO equipment or sound, NO nothing.  His version ran along the lines of, “I told the couple I’d DJ their wedding for free.”  That, he informed us, meant he would “show up”, nothing else. Shocker! It was a nightmare scenario with media and the newlyweds arriving at the reception in less than an hour. Luckily for this bride and groom their planner was able to improvise to have music piped in at the last minute and avoided complete disaster.

The moral of the story?  Google is not your friend.  Pinterest, is not your friend. And truth be told, your friend is not always your friend.

However, I will say that the Internet is a fantastic tool, when you are looking for ideas and inspiration.   For example; we all browse through sites like Zillow or Trulia, but when we are ready to purchase a home . . . we hire a realtor! Why? They are the experts.  The same applies idea applies when booking entertainment.  A reputable entertainment professional will know what to look for and how to avoid pitfalls that can send your dream spiraling down the drain.

A professional entertainment producer knows what acts are reliable, who is best suited for your event, who will be on time, and who won’t.  They will also help you get the best value for your budget, and also make sure the entertainment is where they need to be at the right moment and staged properly. That’s just for starters.

When your reputation and money are on the line; you need an expert that will act on your behalf and in your best interest.  Lastly, here’s another benefit that Google and Pinterest won’t deliver.  When something happens, you won’t be the one standing around crying…and neither will your entertainment professional.  They’ll be busy fixing the problem, and you’ll be busy enjoying your party.

To find great ideas, inspiration and to enjoy a worry free event, without (gasp!) the Internet, Bravo Entertainment is here to help.

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