Bright Ideas for Staging Entertainment

You’ve Got Entertainment, Now What?

Blue Lighting DancersYou’ve decided on the entertainment for your event, and you think you’re finished.  Not quite so fast!  You can plunk a performer on a stage or you can “stage” a performer for maximum effect and impact.  Now that you’ve invested the money to delight and surprise your guests, be sure you are getting the most value and mileage for your budget.

It’s important that the entertainment is staged properly and utilized creatively for better impact.  Let’s talk about a few ways that entertainment can double down and ramp up your event.

Staging is first.  Elevating an act is instrumental, pun intended, especially a band.  If you set a band on the same level as your guests, once every one hits the dance floor no one but the dancers in front will see the band.  Keep it simple.  If you are having a pianist for cocktails think about having that piano set on a 3 ft./1m tall riser and surround it with bars or buffets, this is a great way to use your entertainment as decor as well!

Let’s face it- if you can’t see or hear an act they will have no impact.

Vibiana BeforeVibiana AfterFor that matter, lighting the venue you are in can make it magical!  Check out the before and after photos of “Vibiana”.  This Los Angeles event space was we produced entertainment for an event in was totally transformed with lighting and projection!

Where do you start?

Take a look at your venue.  Are there lighting bars from which to hang lights or must lighting be ground supported?  Is there an existing stage?  What is the genre of the entertainment?  Is the entertainment going to be on a stage, at the entrance of your event, or roving?  What else is going on the stage? Is there a scenic backdrop or other elements that will need to be used throughout the evening?  Understanding how and where the entertainmentArtscape by BRAVO will be used is important information for your entertainment producer.  With it they can help you stage the act or performer properly for maximum effect for the audience and also showcase the talent at their best.  It will also help you determine how many lights are needed, and where you are able to place them.

For instance, lighting dancers from the side is what highlights fluid body movements the best.  Different heights and angles will make a difference in how the lighting enhances the act.  A theatrical/drama act may take a different design approach, which
highlights a different type of body movement and also ensures that the face is well lit so that it can be seen.  A speaker at a podium requires yet another technique.

Purple Party (c) Onstage Systems

Purple Party (c) Onstage Systems

Color, movement and effects can add an exciting dimension and make the entertainment pop when utilized properly. Different colors work well for different moods and atmospheres and they can make or break the theatricality of an act.  For instance, deep blues work well for nighttime scenes.  Yellow works for warm sunny scenes.  Certain pinks and amber can bring skin to life for a speaker.  Overhead white spot washes out saturation and creates shadow.  A knowledgeable professional and a mixed bag of tricks filled with symmetry, bold colors, placement, spot and wash lights are needed to  “light things up” and create drama.

Professional entertainment production combined with the artistry of the act will take your entertainment efforts to a new level.  Look to an entertainment expert to help you get the most out of your talent through professional production and staging.  You’ll find that you’ll maximize your budget and thrill your guests with moments of impact throughout the night.  You’ve made a wise investment; now get the most you can out of it.  At Bravo Entertainment, we can help you do that!

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