Living Decor

Bring the party to life with Living Decor — from furniture to instruments, statues and more. Select from our most popular themes to see examples of our work:

Here are additional innovative DecoTainment options to consider for your next event:


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Fantasy 2

Larger Than Life
BRAVO! Entertainment does it big! Human Floats and Giant Puppets add excitement and dimension to really give your event impact!

Living Structures
Incredible Living Sculptures when lit from the exterior using moving intelligent lighting effects interacting with interior human forms. Exciting Go-Go shadow box pieces when lit from within! Also available: Living Walls, Living Cubes, Living Spheres – Clear and Opaque

Mother Earth
From Living Flora & Fauna right from the garden to dramatic Under the Sea characters and creatures BRAVO! Entertainment has the most enchanting DecoTainment® inspired by Mother Earth herself! Living Vines, Living Fountains, Seahorses, Crabs and Jelly Fish are just a few of this cast from our natural environment.

Structural Instruments
Music that literally transforms your event into an instrument!! Invented instruments such as the Earth Harp, Long String Harp, Body Harp, Violin Jacket, Drum Orb, Drumbrella and more!

instrument3 instrument4
instrument5 instrument6