Living Statues

Living Statues are an intriguing addition to any event. Here are some of our most intriguing concepts!

Greco Roman – Imagine mysterious Greco-Roman Goddesses in togas and elaborate headdresses. They’re elegant, regal and beautiful to behold.

Hollywood Oscars – Hooray for Hollywood! Oscar literally comes to life and we can even give him Texas flair!


Western Bronzes – Some of the most acclaimed art depicting the old west is sculpture. Our cowboy living statues will amaze your guests! They may not realize at first glance that these are not actually bronze casts. Delight in your guests reaction as they discover the truth!

Living Mannequins – Display them in mock store windows- real store windows, in your store, in your event- training session- anywhere! They’re the real thing, right?! Wardrobe selections from Haute Couture to Crash Test Dummies, Lingerie to Vintage Erte’ and Medieval Heroes — you be the designer!

Sports Themes – Great for golf tournaments and sports themed events- imagine a replica of the Heisman Trophy or vintage bronze golf trophies!