Ain’t Got That Swing? It Don’t Mean A Thing! Jazz Still Influences Today’s Music!

The music of the last few decades has been nothing if not artistic, memorable, catchy, and something that just makes (Boston, MA,  04/6/14)Lake Street Dive- final show of their tour- at the Royale.  Taking a bow at end of show- L- to R- Sam Kassirer, Mike Olson, Rachel Price, Bridget Kearney and Mike Calabrese. Sunday, (April 6, 2014).  Staff Photo by Arthur Pollockyou feel good. From Michael Jackson to the Beatles and the stars of today, all of these artists have had an impact on pop culture, as we know it. But what about the genre that started it all?  That’s right. We’re talking about jazz.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and it’s a good time to remember and take a listen to the greats that came before the greats.  If it weren’t for the incredible talents of Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, Scott Joplin or the more recent sounds of Chet Baker, Winton Marsalis, John Coltrane and others, many of today’s musical genres wouldn’t exist. The jazz artists from ‘back in the day’ really set the stage for the newcomers to explore their genres and explore their sounds.

Jazz is deeply rooted in blues, and the influence that the two genres have had on music as we know it, is unparalleled. In fact, a new style is em erging that brings jazz back to the spotlight. That is, taking popular jams from today and infusing them with an old school jazz feel.

postmodern jukebox

There are two bands currently working with this sound and honoring the jazz stars that contributed so much to music as we know it. If you haven’t heard of Lake Street Dive or Postmodern Jukebox, do your ears a favor, and check ‘em out.

If you want to further develop your appreciation for music, and specifically jazz, then this is the way to do it. Go on, listen. . . . You know you want to!

By the way, if you dig what we’re sayin here and have a crazy soiree planned,  Bravo would love to bring one of these cool artists to your next event!

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