Painting Your Event With Entertainment

Air scupltNothing is worse than an event with boring entertainment.  You’ve been there, right?  At Bravo! Entertainment we look at events as a blank canvas.   We are artists, if you will, and our palette of colors include vibrant performers, Air Sculpture, unusual instruments, spectacular costumes, beautiful music, unbelievable staging, and the technology that not only enhances but temporarily transforms the environment. Combining all of the pieces together creates holistic and engaging experiences that build successful events for our clients.  The entertainment element goes way beyond booking a performer.Lumina Laser Violin w Fireworks

Always professional and never leaving details to chance, a thrill comes from creating jaw-dropping, theatrical productions by integrating live talent, technology, and expert staging together to create entertainment that mesmerizes your guests. The key to executing great entertainment goes beyond putting a performer and props on a stage. Stage (or place) the performer and then develop all the working components (like scenic, lighting, audio, and special effects) around the act to create an impactful experience. When a client spends money on entertainment, it only makes sense that the enteCoctail Mountaineeringrtainment is both seen and heard so that attendees are immersed in the experience, not simply observing a two-dimensional “show.”   A professional entertainment producer will bring all these elements together for you in a way that builds momentum throughout the evening.

Everywhere you turn, engagement with guests is a key, and that can sometimes be challenging.  From the steadfast, vintage style of Living Statues to aerial acrobats that strum suspended harp strings spanning the upper domains of a venue, we can and do incorporate a variety of elements and add a unique twist. Edgy interactive photo booths offer guests the fun of striking a pose, a high-fashion photo session, goofing off, or mugging for the photographer, while being a part of the entertainment. It’s phOceaniaoto booth gone wild and guests simply love it.  Winner!

By painting outside the lines, you can make the most of entertainment by adding a fourth dimension that drives the energy of the evening.  Use a charismatic DJ and then take the performance to the next level with projected graphics that pulse and throb with the client’s message on a giant screen. Add laser lights, illuminated batons, fun hats, and buttons, which encourage guests to engage with one another and create their own “space” of entertainment.  Creative entertainment professionals should have no trouble elevating the ordinary to the au courant.

We are always adding new acts that excite and intrigue guests.  We pride ourselves on being a leader in event innovation, vetting out burgeoning new performers as well as incorporating unusual entertainment talent.  We’re bold students of imagination and we’re willing to go out on a limb when it helps provide an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Let us paint your event with all the different colors of entertainment.  Give Bravo! Entertainment a call at +1-972-960-2525, or peruse our website at

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