3 Grand

"3 Grand" is dueling Pianos on steroids!! They play a wide variety of standards as well as contemporary hits by "Cold Play", "Dave Matthews Band. They'll have your whole audience singing along!

One of the most common requests around is "we need musical entertainment for people who aren't going to dance!"  Whether it's a predominantly male audience, a casino or sports bar themed event, or just a group of people who don't want to dance, finding an act that can entertain and still be in the background is hard to find. Well, look no further. "3 Grand" is just that act.

Loosely based on the dueling pianos concept, "3 Grand" has the ability to play spectacular and memorable background music, as well as fully interactive dueling pianos and, even better, the audience CAN dance if they want to.

The centerpiece of "3 Grand" is three dynamic musician vocalists, each at their own baby grand piano. Behind them are a guitar player, sax player, and drummer. With this lineup, you get the bests of all worlds. Later, if your audience is ready, "3 Grand" will break into the most interactive dueling pianos show you've ever seen. The guests will be singing along and howling with pleasure. But if that's not in the cards, "3 Grand" will continue to play a wide variety of memorable and entertaining songs from "Steely Dan", to "Billy Preston", and "Smash Mouth". You name it  - they can play it.

And here's the best part. If your audience DOES want to dance, "3 Grand" will accommodate with some of the best dance music around. By having live guitar, sax, and drums, you're not locked into a "background" situation. You get the best of all worlds.  One act, plenty of versatility. That's what makes "3 Grand" the #1 choice for your next event!