Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews is an amazing listen and you can tell by listening to what "they're" all saying about her! "... Andrews’ powerful and dramatically dynamic voice transitions seamlessly from soaring to reserved and intimately compliments her heartfelt lyrics and raw honesty. Pointedly personal, pleading and direct, sensitive and sincere, Amy Andrews leaves her listeners emotionally wrought and begging for more." Michael Thornton, MADE Paper

​Athens farmers market press
"I cried the first time i heard amy andrews.... she managed to incite the emotions and memories that I had tucked away behind the guise of adulthood, heartbreak, and change."
Landon Bubb, Athens Farmers Market Press

Megan Terraso, Agnes Scott: The Magazine

​Almost Famous
Crystal Silvester, Auto-Straddle

"... strong, seductively smooth, and full of emotion."
Emelina Minero, Curve Magazine

“Drinking my coffee and listening to your CD. This is the way, I feel sure, to start the week proper. The only way.”
Therra Cathryn Gwyn, Arts In America

Dundalk Native Makes Beautiful Music
Nicole Rodman, Dundalk Eagle

“...I love this song and I love her voice..."
Eddie Owen, of Eddie Owen Presents,
founder of Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta Magazine

Amy Andrews makes Top 5 in Texaco Songwriting Competition
Texaco Country Showdown