Anthony Dempsey

Looking for the final piece of the puzzle to complete your perfect event? Anthony Dempsey has you covered. You don't have to be a Mind Reader to know that adding entertainment to your function will make it a hit. Let me help you show your clients, friends, or coworkers how much they are appreciated; give them the gift of ASTONISHMENT. Anthony will work his way among the crowd, showing them unbelievable feats of the mind and sleight of hand that will leave a smile across their faces and have them wondering how he did it! Every trick is geared to engage the group as well as help them have a great time. Not only will he blow their minds, he will also get them to interact with one another in a unique and exciting way! Some of Anthony’s performances include traditional magic as well as the following: Human Lie Detector, Body Language Analysis, Predicting the Future, Thought Reading, ESP, Manipulating Objects using only his thoughts, making the guests a Mind Reader, and much much more! Having performed on three continents as well as for celebrities across the U.S, you will believe that you have witnessed something out of this world!

"That was DOPE!" - Shia Lebeouf 

"How did you DO that?! That was so cool!" Chandler Riggs Star of the Walking Dead

"Anthony made our party a hit! We are still talking about how amazing he is as a magician and entertainer!" - Andrea W.


Anthony Dempsey is an extraordinary magician and mentalist. He has always loved to entertain people; it seems to be engraved in my nature. Even as a child, Anthony knew that he was born to perform and he always dreamed of making it a career. To achieve his dream career, Anthony completed over 20 years of acting classes and received a full ride theatre scholarship. By the age of 18, he had become well-versed in hypnosis, and by 21 had successfully predicted the headlines of the local newspaper- a week before it was published! At age 23, Anthony began touring the country performing magic at trade shows.

Anthony Dempsey has appeared in multiple commercials, print advertisements, television shows, and movies; however, for him nothing compares to performing for a live audience. Anthony loves the thrill of entertaining people, and he has been fortunate enough to have done so across the US and on multiple continents. From celebrities to top corporations, Anthony has brought a laugh and a smile to them all. His wit, clean humor, and charm give a personal moment of astonishment to every guest, treating each one as a friend and the star of the evening. Book Anthony and bring a magical touch to your event!