Barbra and Frank "The Concert That Never Was"

Just imagine the possibilities. Would one have outshone the other? Would their onstage banter have been friendly or a bit snippy?
The show begins even before Barbra and Frank take the stage. The pre show is video trivia pertaining to the two stars careers, achievements and how their lives intertwined. The screen slowly rises as a silhouette of Francis Albert sings “I’ve Got A Crush On You”, the very duet by which Barbra and Frank recorded in 1993. Barbra enters the stage singing along with Frank but she wastes no time bringing up the fact how he would not record “live” with her in the same studio.
The rapport of these two 20th century icons is immediately prevalent. What’s On magazine states, “As good as the music is, the banter between the stars is equally memorable.”
Barbra is first to show her stuff by singing some of the power ballads of her career, “People”, “Evergreen” and “Woman In Love” to name just a few. “When Sharon Owens took the stage, I almost fell off my chair. She was a dead ringer.” Jerry Greenburg/President of Atlantic Records. “Sharon has the look, the voice, EVERYTHING! Even the nose!” She closes her segment with a special dedication to her real father, “Papa Can You Hear Me”.
Out from that heart tugging moment, Frank enters singing “I’ve Got The World On A String”. “Sebastian Anzaldo resembles and sounds like a young, handsome Frank” says Editors Choice, Showbiz magazine. “Confident, cocky and well, one word describes the man...Swingin’!” He continues with some of his most memorable hits, “Come Fly With Me”, “Fly Me To The Moon”, “Summer Wind”, need we say more? After a moving rendition of his signature “My Way”, he brings the audience to their feet with “That’s Life”. A highlight of the show is a delicate blending of two of their signature songs as Sinatra croons verses from “It Was A Very Good Year” intertwined with Streisand singing “The Way We Were”.
From this point in the show, the two stars remain on stage together at the piano. There’s a lot of good natured teasing back and forth. “Occasionally Streisand bristles at Sinatra’s chauvinistic remarks and Sinatra shakes his head at Streisand’s persistant whine”.
Near the end of the show, the tuxedoed Sinatra turns to Streisand, who is attired in a stunning black and white gown, and says dismissively, “Why don’t you go backstage, take a little rest, and I’ll close the show.” A moment of silence is followed by Streisand saying, in the trademark Brooklyn accent, “Excuse me?”
“Don’t miss it, the best concert that never was.”
“Owens and Anzaldo are absolutely perfect!” What’s On Magazine Las Vegas