Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson -brings his fresh and creative approach making any event unforgettable!

In 2010 Houston magician Ben Jackson became one of the youngest magicians to win 1st place at the World Magic Seminar’s International Close-up Magic Competition in Las Vegas, NV.

He had a lot in common with the presenter, Lance Burton, a former World Magic Seminar winner 30 years prior. Since then Ben has become the go-to choice for event planners around the country as a 2-time international champion of magic. Whether it’s demonstrating elegant sleight-of-hand at private parties or keeping audiences captivated as the master of ceremonies, Ben brings his fresh and creative approach to making any event unforgettable.

“Delightful, disarming, deft hands and a total professional. Ben will be a staple at all my events!”
— Scott Evans, Publisher, The Social Book

“Ben is one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians I have ever seen. RUN, don’t walk, to see his show!”
— Dean Gladden, Managing Director, Alley Theater

“Ben is the most compelling thing that I can bring to talk to my customers or my peers...”
— Dave Savelle, Technology Director, Halliburton

“The most gifted and amazing magician I have seen in my life.”
— Adil Rahim Jafry, Chairman & CEO, Chandah Space Technologies

“Ben is absolutely amazing! His magic goes way beyond mere illusions. You’ve got to see him perform.”
— Joel Bartsch, President, The Houston Museum of Natural Science