Blood Sweat and Tears featuring Bo Bice

Blood Sweat and Tears featuring Bo Bice - The Response from fans to the addition of Bo Bice as Lead Singer is over whelming! Bo is one of the greatest performers BS&T has ever had! 2016 will bring fun packed high performance shows and you can bring the whole family....

"Blood Sweat and Tears was born from a selfish notion that we could combine the sophistication and musical skill level of jazz music with the energy and universal appeal of rock vocal music. Instead of incessant whiny guitar interludes, we would have improvised, spontaneous jazz solos. Horn arrangements were not an afterthought, they were fully integrated into the songs themselves, some written by band members and others that would come from many different resources. These are the ideas that formulated the concept of BS&T

Over the years more than a hundred seventy five musicians have flowed through the ranks of the various iterations of the BS&T. The most commercially successful version of the band was in fact, our second line-up.

What endures today is the evolution that concept… along with an amazing roster of the most talented and entertaining musicians we have ever had.

BS&T has never stopped touring. It didn’t go away. You can call it a renaissance, or the newest version of… but it is simply Blood Sweat and Tears at its best"