Brad Henderson – Mentalist – Hypnotist – Magician

Dude! He like reads your mind!!!!! Brad Henderson is an acclaimed performer in many arenas and can tailor a performance to fit any kind of event!

Brad Henderson is considered by his peers to be one of the finest mind readers in the world today. This interactive after dinner and keynote style program is perfect for groups wanting intelligent, astounding entertainment.   Not only are Brad's skills amazing, but the sheer fun he generates as he moves through the crowd often results in uproarious laughter. Brad is invited to return time and again because of the charm and respect he conveys as he interacts with your guests.  Your audience will be delighted from start to finish!

Brad presents his astounding sleight of hand and mind reading for small groups of guests in an informal setting. Here is the chance for your guests to spend time, one on one, with one of the world's leading magicians.  They will talk about this moment for years to come. Brad's interactions bring a lively, fun energy to your party, blending in perfectly with your other activities.  Perfect for large events and hospitality suites.

“This is hands down the funniest show I have seen in my entire life" is a quote Brad Henderson has received over 14 times in private conversations and letters from those who have witnessed the incredible evening of entertainment featuring the funniest routines of classic stage hypnosis.

Brad Henderson presents a "laugh-a-minute, jaw dropping" spectacle featuring your guests in an evening they are sure to always remember.  We want your event to be a phenomenal success. That's why we offer individual performances and complete entertainment packages to help you plan the perfect event.

The "Up All Night" package is the most requested, and begins with 90 minutes of sleight of hand, street style magic with audience interaction as the key. This type of presentation provides maximum impact with minimum intrusion through a continuous show that allows guests to come and go as they please – eliminating the "boredom factor" and keeping the energy of the room high. After a short break, we present an unbelievably funny, hour-long Hypnosis show featuring your guests as our evening stars.

With a single word, your guests are sent into the deepest slumber only to have them go to the horse races, forget their names, become habitual liars, sing and dance like pop stars, and much more – all high in energy and full of laughs, but never at the expense of the audience.  Brad Henderson produces a show that is PG-13 and the ideal way to showcase your audience.

After the show, participants have remarked that they were completely refreshed, full of energy, and ready to take on the world.