Bruce Jenner – Caitlyn Jenner

The World's Greatest Athlete brings his amazing story to keynote addresses globally!
Bruce Jenner captivated the world's attention when he broke the world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal, earning the title, "World's Greatest Athlete." Since that time, he has been far from removed from the public eye. He has become a highly respected motivational speaker, sports commentator, entrepreneur, commercial spokesperson, television personality, actor, producer, and author. A devoted father and husband, he is also a loyal supporter of many non-profit and charitable organizations such as the Special Olympics and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
Bruce is vice chair of the most preeminent network marketing company in the United States, Longevity Network. Also, he serves as director of special promotions for Allegiance Telecom, one of the nation's leading telecommunication programs.
Public appearances and endorsements on behalf of a wide variety of corporate sponsors are a major part of his busy schedule. Bruce's first corporate relationship put him on the Wheaties cereal box cover for seven years, and he still represents Wheaties through a variety of personal appearances. Also, he is the subject of a new CD-ROM game entitled Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon.
He has been appointed to the Governor's Council for Physical Fitness and Sports and serves on numerous advisory boards including Angel Planes Children's Miracle Flights, The National Dyslexia Research Foundation, and David Rickey Company.
Corporate and community audiences nationwide are captivated by his message Finding the Champion Within. Bruce's energy translates easily into his presentation, and audiences are visibly moved by his unique success story. Several companies have taken notice of his ability to motivate and appeal to the public. He was the 1991 national spokesperson for the General Aviation Task Force and represented NeoLife health care products worldwide. He travels with the Coca Cola team, making appearances for such events as the Olympics, Super Bowl, and World Cup.
Sports continue to be an important part of Bruce's life. He is a commercially rated pilot who flies his own jet and races cars professionally in Grand Prix events around the world. A guest host and special correspondent on Good Morning America, he serves as their official representative to the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary. He has been a commentator for a wide variety of NBC Sports coverage.
A gifted media personality, Bruce can often be seen in guest-starring roles on prime time television series. He has been the subject of countless magazine and newspaper articles worldwide. He has acted in movies and is also a highly regarded author. His latest book is entitled Finding the Champion Within.
Bruce and his wife Kris are well known for launching their successful informercial series entitled SuperFit with Bruce and Kris Jenner. The show can be seen in over thirty-five countries and in seventeen different languages. They recently completed their first video together, Women's Self Defense and Fitness Program.
Over the years, Bruce has received numerous accolades. He was honored as the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year and was inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. Among other honors and awards, he is the recipient of the Celebrity Outreach Award for his extensive work assisting and aiding in charity fundraisers.