Bubble Wonders

Bubble Wonders “The Perpetually Positive Pied Piper of Possibility!” Speaking Style: Creative, Playful, Heartfelt, Authentic If you’re looking for something unique…look no further! Entertaining, educating, and empowering children and adults alike worldwide for over 30 years with his gentle spirit, sense of humor and gift of rapport. Inspired by his life-altering experiences as a teacher in Waldorf and Special Education he created The Bubble Wonders Show to convey the message that “Anything is Possible!” Bubble Wonders is fun, inspiring, educational, and captivates both young and old. Bubble Wonders is full of amazing bubble tricks including the bubble caterpillar, bubble volcano, the dancing bubble, bubbles inside of bubbles, Kid inside a Bubble and more. Equally Important is the Show’s Theme — “Anything is Possible!” Throughout the show there is a running gag where he attempts to achieve his dream of creating a Square Bubble. He intentionally fails each time but doesn’t give up (modeling persistence) and by the end of the show he figures out a way to successfully make a square bubble… a “Bubble Cube!” In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, he uses the wonders of bubbles, magic and storytelling as ways to capture and redirect the viewer’s attention. His presentation also shows others how to rekindle a sense of wonder in their own lives and demonstrates how persistence and a positive attitude can help make your dreams come true.

Bubble Wonders

What clients are saying!

“It’s rare in this business to find a totally unique speaker and  is indeed that rare find.” ~Seth Keyes, Dir. of Programming, Akron Civic Center

“Incomparably entertaining, as kind as he is talented, we could not have selected a more delightful speaker!” ~Deb Gauldin, AATH Conference Chair

“I was looking for a fun, educational, interactive, and inspiring presenter, and I found our guy with Bubble Wonders! He performed for us and was wonderful!” ~ Roberta Flondor, Village of Orland Park

“Overall, the message of ‘anything is possible’ is so critical for our students to hear. You showed through demonstration and believing in yourself that anything and everything is possible!”
~ Angela J. Krejci – Principal, Player School

“Your Bubble Wonders Show was truly full of wonders! You enthralled the second largest audience we have ever had in the history of the Sunday Sampler series… your message has no age limits…”
~ Candie Lutz, Adult Programming