Chip Conley

Chip Conley loves to connect with audiences that are hungry for something new – something that just might positively shift their thinking…their business…their lives.

The combination of exploring new places and engaging with new people is a particularly potent elixir for me. Traveling around the country – and the world – to share what wisdom I’ve gleaned from half a lifetime of entrepreneurism, success, trials and transformation is the cornerstone of my calling. I love to connect with audiences that are hungry for something new – something that just might positively shift their thinking…their business…their lives.

Hotels to High Tech to Healthcare to Hollywood

Chip Conley has been invited to share his philosophy and tools for success by the top organizations across industries, demographics and interests. Whether he’s talking to a room of 200 or 2,000, he compels each individual to dig deep into their own experience and explore new ways of looking at what’s possible. From TED to PIXAR to GOOGLE to SXSW (South by Southwest), Chip’s presentations invite people to view work and life through a unique lens that understands and honors the human being as much as the bottom line.


“We are such a fan of Chip’s work that PEAK has become required reading for many of our employees, and our training team offers a class specifically designed to cover all the concepts from the book…Every employee and visitor to our headquarters in Las Vegas is offered a free copy of PEAK, and we even have posters on the walls of our headquarters to serve as a daily reminder to our employees to always keep Chip’s modified version of Maslow’s Hierarchy in mind.”
- Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO

*All 750 employees spent an afternoon with Chip at the company’s headquarters in a workshop that was simulcast to the entire Zappos community.


“Few speakers at Google can transcend disciplinary lines as Chip can. His talk to Googlers on EMOTIONAL EQUATIONS spoke not just to the engineer, but also to the humanists, the artists, business-folk, and the digerati. His gift for crafting wisdom into nuggets as emotional equations is remarkable, and appealing to just about everyone. It’s rare to see such a virtuoso display of the conceptual with the pragmatic.”
- Dan Russell, Google Uber Tech Lead, Search Quality & User Happiness


“I have worked with many external speakers and Chip was far and away the most thoughtful about how to ensure the session was of high value. He invested time into learning the intricacies of our business, as well as the mindset of our leaders, and adapted his presentation accordingly. The result was a tailored message that resonated strongly with our audience. I would highly recommend Chip as a speaker.”
- Josh Golomb, President, DaVita Rx


“Chip’s blend of smart, well reasoned business strategies and his compelling personal style make him one of the most highly rated speakers for my organization. I have had the opportunity to partner with Chip on more than one occasion. He worked with my executive team on strategy, engaged our organization on creativity and ideas, and he was able to speak about service to over 750 of our store leaders. In each instance, he was captivating and compelling. He has the unique ability to share personal and human stories that bring complex business strategies to life.”
- Jack Calhoun, President, Banana Republic