Dave Becherer

Dave Becherer is a trained, experienced and professional pianist. Dave has been a serious student of the piano for more than 30 years. After building a strong foundation through many years of classical piano study, He obtained his BM in Jazz Studies from Webster University, studying with the legendary jazz pianist, Carolbeth True. Dave has 20 years of experience as a professional pianist. He has performed for thousands, and regularly plays with the top musicians in the area. As professional wedding pianist he has performed hundreds of ceremonies and cocktail hours. His diverse musical background makes him a very versatile pianist and allows him to authentically play in any style.

Today, Dave is recognized by musicians and audiences as a top performer. His virtuosic piano technique and his clear, melodic style makes musicians desire to play with him and audiences love to hear him. Dave regularly performs solo piano music for wedding ceremonies, background solo piano for cocktail hours, with a jazz band for receptions, private events and public venues. Also, Dave plays regularly with His wife, vocalist Kim Wren.. The Songbird Duo covers a wide range of music suited to every taste.