Quick Change – David and Dania

America's Magic Couple David and Dania will astonsh your audience!

David Maas and Dania Kaseeva met in 1995 on a circus tour, where Dania was performing her award-winning hula-hoop act and David was working as a singing-ringmaster. Born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Dania Kaseeva is the daughter of one of the Russian circus legends, Rustan Kaseev. She began training at age six in sport-gymnastics and later in acrobatics and dance, and combined these techniques to create a unique hula-hoop act with which she made her professional debut at 14, in a touring production of the Moscow Circus.

Her finely polished technique coupled with dynamic choreography and a magnetic stage personality soon earned her work an international reputation as the world's greatest hula-hoop act - a fact sanctioned by the Gold Medal Dania won at the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN in Paris in 1988. A headliner of the Moscow Circus from 1981-1990, she has performed extensively in Europe, South America, Asia and North-America. In 1991-92, she was a featured attraction of the Big Apple Circus at New York's Lincoln Centre and on tour. She has since settled in America.

David Maas also was raised in show-business; his German-born father, Jerry Robert Maas, was a concert pianist. At age eight, an eager David put together his first circus act, juggling on a low-wire. He trained in acrobatics, dance and theatre, and showed an exceptional talent for singing which led him, at nineteen, to embark into a twelve-year career as a singing-ringmaster for various major shows in the U.S., Canada and England, including Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada and Fountain Blue in Miami Beach, Florida. In 1994, he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the International American Performing Arts Festival. David also studied magic, a discipline he has practiced with great success for the past ten years.

Together, David & Dania present one of the most original and astonishing magic act ever seen on stage or in the ring since the days of legendary Italian transformist, Fregoli. During a non-stop, dynamic, superbly choreographed dance exhibition, David and Dania puzzle a flabbergasted audience with staggering, flashing costume transformations, which happen in front of our incredulous eyes in fractions of a second. Whether presented on stage or on a circus ring, their elegant metamorphosis are simply unbelievable. Since David and Dania's debut with this amazing act in 1996, audiences have responded to their incredible illusions with tremendous ovations - and left the theatre every night wondering if they had not just dreamed what they saw!

What they saw is the most exiting, magnetic, innovative and unscrutinizeable magic-dance-transformation act in the world today! Appearing with the National Basket-Ball Association half time featured act during their annual Games, appeared with great success at the Arnold Schwarzenegger TV Classic, featured on through out the year at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, entertainers of the year at the Showboat Casino, Atlantic City, USA.