DJ 2nd Nature

DJ 2nd Nature was raised in the heart of the Detroit music scene. 2nd Nature (aka Brett Balcastro) spent the early 90s in the clubs. He was waging and winning DJ battles before he was old enough to order a drink. His remixes became hits from coast to coast. Soon he was incorporating visual media into the mix.

Brett Belcastro has become an international phenomenon and a true pioneer of an art form that he has helped elevate to unprecedented heights. Today, DJ 2ndNature shares his talent of creating visually stimulating and high-energy performances with world-renowned brands for their corporate events.  As one of the world’s leading DJs and Video Remix artists, he crafts multimedia mash-ups that are as fresh, unique and entertaining as they are relevant to each client. His live performances combine pop music, film and television clips, and focused messaging to create dynamic general session openers and closers, launch moments, presenter play-ons, or anything else in need of a spark. From opening to closing and every moment in between, 2ndNature anchors the flow and transforms any meeting into a thrilling experience.