DJ Andre 7

It may be the long, sandy blonde, beachy dreads or his boundless energy and flashy smile, but DJ Andre 7 definitely turns heads when he walks into a room.

Originating from the same city as recording artists, Drake and Justin Bieber, Canadian born, DJ Andre 7 is one of many great international DJs and entertainers based in Dallas, Texas. Not only does he DJ events this amazing individual is also a full-time dad, owns a graphic t-shirt design company, coaches high school soccer, is an actor/model with a reputable agency, and is considered to be one of the best fitness trainers in the Uptown Dallas area.

DJ Andre 7 has been an "open format" event DJ for over 15 years and possesses a variety of talents, so he will be the perfect entertainment for your next event and will help you plan your entertainment options by offering a free consultation and a site visit.

Clients include:
American Cancer SOciety
Habitat For Humanity
and many more!