DJ Lina Hart

DJ Lina Hart’s musical influences include Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop & R&B, Classic Hip Hop & R&B, Rock and Latin Music. After her debut at Otaru Lounge, Lina started DJing at corporate events, private parties, weddings, and night clubs. A well trained Lina Hart wowed the crowds and continues to be booked at several well attended events.

Salina Hartfield, dubbed DJ Lina Hart, hails from Harlingen, Texas. She began her experience with Steve Nice Academy as a photographer and administrative intern. Her keen eye for detail and expertise were very instrumental during several Academy events which included Steve Nice Academy Open Houses, major industry release parties, Dallas, Texas’ 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend and Super Bowl XLV parties and events. She had no idea that her life behind the lens would in fact land her in a position where she would perform, front and center stage at many of these same events.

Expectations as to where the internship would lead her within the Academy quickly changed when she saw an opportunity as a female to make an impact in the DJ community. At the majority of the Academy open house events, Lina Hart noticed that the only children that appeared interested in DJing were boys. Girls never attempted to try out the turntables or show any interest in learning how to DJ. She felt that the girls viewed DJing as something that only the boys could do. She realized that DJing is a very male dominated industry and felt that girls or women didn’t feel like they belonged or could compete with the guys. Lina Hart couldn't have that! She wanted to show the girls that they too could express themselves through music by DJing and that they could be as prominent as some of the males that currently dominate the industry. Without hesitation, Steve Nice Academy began to mentor and mold Lina Hart.

Under DJs Steve Nice and T-Spoon’s tutelage, Lina Hart quickly gained the knowledge and experience she needed, developed a crowd following and has become the most sought after female DJ in the Dallas metroplex.