Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams has been captivating audiences and opening their minds for more than 22 years, both in the United States and overseas. His presence, passion and professionalism as a leadership and personal success expert, has elevated him to be known as the “Action Guru” and to be rated the “number ONE speaker” in his area of expertise by three National Training Companies specializing in corporate education.

Kevin Adams

When you hire the right speaker or trainer, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and alive with possibilities! Only a motivational speaker with an entertainment background and a dedication to knowing what brings lasting success can energize and inspire your people to this level.

Peak Performance and Mental Toughness expert Kevin Adams is that speaker. He is known for his entertaining, high energy, customized and thought provoking programs. Kevin is known for his appeal to a wide variety of audiences by delivering serious, result-driven information with professionally honed humor.
His entertaining and provocative delivery style combined with in-depth research and an innovative approach makes him a favorite with clients who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional “best practices” and set breakthrough objectives to achieve maximum success.

So, if you need a speaker, look no further. Kevin will customize a training or talk specifically designed to meet your needs and will have your people learning, enjoying and reaching their full potential.

He has founded two non-profit organizations. One will feed approximately 15,000 people this year alone. The other is designed to help students in high schools uncover their leadership potential and pursue their dreams with passion.

In every area, Kevin has a mystical ability to create enthusiasm, contagious energy, for results that will last well beyond his program. Kevin’s Keynotes and Mentalism performances are energizing, electric and encouraging.