Velcro Pygmies

Velcro Pygmies band has enjoyed massive indie success-with record sales in the multi-thousands, hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide!

Velcro Pygmies  consistently deliver high-energy melody driven, larger than life rock to packed houses all through the south. "We take our cues from the actual trenches of rock n roll, not what MTV or Spin magazine tries to drive down the public's throat. People still want David Lee Roth style rock n roll heroes ." Claims front man Cameron Flener. "Bands these days just can't pull that off so rock's entertainment value has diminished to virtually nothing."
The Pygmie sound isn't something that requires a Ph.D. to enjoy. It's based on subject matter like Girls, Girls, and well Girls.
The band has enjoyed massive indie success. With record sales in the multi thousands, hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, a schedule that stays booked a year in advance, and a website getting over 40,000 users a month The Velcro Pygmies are amongst an elite group of musicians that have the ability to change the face of rock music, and bring it back to profitability.