All convention entertainment ideas aim to inspire, engage, and motivate an audience. But what makes an event entertainment program appealing and memorable?

Music and comedy acts—performed well—are safe forms of entertainment but rarely unique or exclusive. The best convention entertainment is less conventional and unexpected. The focus of these gatherings is to increase the attentiveness and engagement of your attendees. And it is unique acts that offer the most potential to captivate and incentivize audiences to stay engaged with your convention.

This piece looks at what makes convention and conference entertainment stand out. The five entertainment ideas below offer a personal touch to your function. These special event entertainment acts generate interest in ways your attendees will remember long afterward.

How to Choose a Corporate Convention Entertainment Idea

It’s normal to play it safe with these entertainment choices, but corporate event planning must be unique to captivate and energize audiences. So, the best event planners know the answers to critical questions better help explore their options. That means having a solid understanding of the host’s goals and outcomes. In other words, for events to be successful, they must be fun and strategic.

The vital corporate event entertainment questions that lay the foundation are:

  • What entertainment is most likely to rouse this particular audience?
  • What’s in it for the attendees?
  • What indelible memory do you want the audience take from your event?

What corporate and conference entertainment ideas you explore depends on the audience. That’s why identifying the purpose and outcome is vital for a successful gathering.

Convention Entertainment Ideas for 2023

Bravo! Entertainment has a well-refined, creative approach to providing entertainment ideas for corporate occasions. It provides memorable entertainment experiences that deliver your message and make a lasting impact. This section looks at five themed entertainment ideas that add a unique touch to any convention, trade show, or company exhibition.

#1 Costumed Convention Greeters

First impressions are everything. So, costumed convention greeters are a fabulous way to wow attendees before they even enter the venue. They create a strong first impression and can be part of a living red carpet experience, adding a spectacular interactive ambiance to the entrance. Your greeters get everyone talking and help set the atmosphere for what’s to come. Whatever the theme of your corporate event, costumed greeters can dress, behave, and entertain in whatever ways you need them to.

Lavishly-costumed greeters are personable and make quite an impact at an event’s opening. They can perform close-up magic, sing, dance, and pose for snapshots with guests. You can also have them give away goodies and event swag bags.

#2 Entertainment Acts for Conventions

Stage entertainment is a must on every convention entertainment ideas list. Matching the right entertainment act with an audience is crucial for planning a successful performance. Performers are born to entertain and can leave a positive, memorable impression on all your guests. Top-class live entertainers also help drive your message to a captive audience.

Entertainment acts are compelling, immersive, visually spectacular, and easily hold an audience’s attention. Moreover, great show persons offer an interactive element and know how to get people to spontaneously join in, whether it’s live music, variety act, or virtual event. Just the right entertainment performance can turn otherwise passive spectators into willing and enthusiastic participants.

#3 Living Statues


Statued performers may be still, but they are never dull and add an element of surprise to conventions. Some examples are bronze patina on stone, beautiful sleek modern classic types, and topiary statues. The list goes on. Human statues can be in a set location or mingle with guests while serving beverages. Living statues are a huge hit with attendees, offering entertainment that moves beyond the stage and includes irresistible photo opportunities. And that helps make any event a memorable occasion.

Bravo! Entertainment, A Convention Partner You Can Depend On

Bravo! Entertainment is a global event services entertainment company that prides itself on its signature DecoTainment™. DecoTainment™ specializes in creating bespoke entertainment packages that bring your ideas into reality. We combine immersive entertainment and creative décor to deliver jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind experiences to wow your audience.

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#4 Walkabout Convention Entertainment Ideas


Imagination is the only limit to walkabout convention entertainment ideas. The living statues above can also be part of this, but there’s so much more. Think living tables, roaming jazz or dance bands, celebrity impersonators, and other versatile performing artists with unique talents.

Walkabout entertainment is an excellent way to support your theme and central message throughout the event. So if you want to stand out from the rest and encourage footfall, well thought out walk-around entertainment is the way to go. Themed novelty acts ambling around your venue to put a smile on everyone’s face. You may also want your floor hosts to mingle and chat with attendees and vendors.

Other walk-around acts can include—but are not limited to:

  • Marilyn Monroe and other famous lookalikes
  • Roaming bar service, e.g., trolley dollies
  • Spellbinding close-up magicians
  • Clown cook/waiters
  • Roaming robots
  • Burlesque divas
  • Stilt circus acts

The roaming, roving, walkabout entertainment possibilities are endless.

#5 Unique Bespoke Entertainment 


A great way to honor a company’s culture, impress its audience, and meet budgets is with bespoke entertainment. Bespoke creations offer fully customized attractions. These are tailored to meet the exact needs and expectations of your event and client.

Event planners like Bravo! Entertainment work closely with our clients to create bespoke productions based on specific criteria. Thus, ensuring all aspects are unique, including characterization, wardrobe, music, composition, staging, lighting, etc.

How should the entertainment make your target audience feel? And what impression or message should the attendees received and leave with? Bespoke entertainment preparation also considers the guests’ age range, interests, and the overall size of the audience.