Expect for entertainment trends to continue shifting as our industry transitions away from pandemic and post-COVID entertainment options. Some of the top event entertainment trends for 2022 will fade and you want to know what’s continuing and what’s waning for 2023. Just as important, what are the new event entertainment trends for 2023 and beyond?

The 2020–2022 Coronavirus era saw the growth of virtual and hybrid events across the US. The result was a sharp increase in newer online entertainment trends, including virtual and augmented reality. Yet, despite the success of virtual interactions, unique in-person event entertainment is set to make a big comeback.

Elements of virtual entertainment are here to stay. But online-only interaction can’t compete with in-person connections and real-world networking. This article will help you tap into what the media and entertainment industry predicts are the biggest trends to watch out for.

#5 Virtual/Hybrid Events Trending Post-COVID

The alternative to in-person events has been the online gatherings and event streaming services that continue to trend, despite the return of in-person gatherings. The major appeal is the lack of physical limitation like with real-world assemblies.

The six virtual entertainment trends that will continue in post-pandemic America are:

  1. Digital performances
  2. Online conferences
  3. Online trade shows
  4. Virtual job fairs
  5. Virtual networking
  6. Webinars

A 2021 study suggests a continual shift away from fully virtual events in place of the hybrid experience. In other words, in-person events with virtual elements. But  either format must offer meaningful interactions to succeed. That typically includes parameters like enjoyment, scalability, stability, and others.

#4 The Virtual Interactive Experience

Any virtual elements of an event must offer interactive components to succeed. And savvy organizers in the entertainment industry are already thinking outside the box. Projection mapping, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are leading the way. 

Projection mapping warps and blends projected images to fit seamlessly on irregular surfaces such as interior spaces and buildings. VR invites guests to explore and socialize in an incredible 3D world with people across the country, even the world. And AR engages the audience by adding spectacular digital attractions and flair to a physical event space.

The most exciting development in virtual entertainment to look out for is the metaverse. As the technology continues to develop, audiences will be able join your digital event area as avatars in a full 3D virtual space. In this virtual space, guests can interact with physical elements in the space and each other, creating unique and highly memorable experiences.

#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Event Entertainment Trends

Data-backed AI event development is gaining traction within the entertainment sector. AI’s primary use is to gather and analyze critical data about the type of person going to your event and how they interact with it. Global entertainment and media experts then use that data to shape events that offer guests a more personal and fulfilling experience. Moreover, AI can work with smart technologies to continually monitor the room. This data auto-controls the lighting, ambiance, and temperature as your event unfolds.

#2 Catering Theme Trends 

Even the best virtual entertainment trends can’t bring people together with a shared food experience. But guests will always remember and rave about enjoyable, creative catering. That’s why unique cuisine remains a critical component when throwing a successful in-person function. The new food and beverage trends are innovative, add an element of surprise, and get everyone talking. Think local produce, exciting flavors, fresh, healthy, colorful, and tempting. The secret to culinary success is food that fits the theme and caters to your target audience.

#1 In-Person Immersive Entertainment Trends


It’s true; virtual entertainment trends have become smart and impressive in their own way. More importantly, they’re here to stay. But nothing comes close to real-world in-person interactions. That’s why physical events are on the rebound. 

Plus, in-person networking opportunities are greater than in the virtual world. Communication cues like body language and tone ares much easier to read in the real world than in virtual interactions. That matters because these cues improve clarity, increase trust, and foster rapport.

Indeed, the unique value proposition of live gatherings is the people you meet and the real-world event experience that cannot be duplicated online.

Live Events Turn on the Senses

Live events are back. And Bravo! Entertainment knows how to ignite the senses and turn passive crowd into spectators and willing participants. The company’s media and entertainment experts tailor interactive ideas and acts that harmonize with a function’s theme and inspirations. These experiences guarantee to set your event apart and draw in the attendees. And when that happens, your guests reach for their phones to snap live photos and create social videos.

DecoTainment™ Entertainment Ideas with No Limits

DecoTainment™ includes Bravo! Entertainment’s signature acts. It’s a blend of immersive entertainment and décor to create one-of-a-kind, personal entertainment experiences guests never forget. From the sublime to the surreal, this is live entertainment at its best, bringing imagination into reality. Think living décor, human statues, costumed greeters, walk-around entertainment, and one-off bespoke creations designed specifically for your event.

The demand for creative live entertainment is on the rise. People are craving the once-in-a-lifetime real-world in-person interactions again that screen-based entertainment simply can’t provide. And there’s a definite hunger for tactile, unique experiences like those that Bravo! DecoTainment™ delivers.

Examples of Bravo! Entertainment’s DecoTainment™ acts include:

  • 3D Projection Cubes
  • Aerial Bartenders – Champagne Chandeliers
  • Aerial Saddle
  • Aerosphere Giant Balloon Aerialist
  • Air Sculptures
  • Alexa Meade Living Art
  • Architectural Dance – Building/Structure Performance
  • Disco Ninjas
  • Earth Harp
  • Epicurean Cycle
  • Light Beings
  • Living Fountain
  • Peacock Fantails
  • Sway Poles

No one forgets an event tailored with Bravo! Entertainment’s DecoTainment™. It provides the ‘wow’ factor as few gatherings can. Guests get to interact and have fun at a personal level not experienced in the virtual world. And multiple floor entertainment acts keep audiences engaged longer than a single stage act. Best of all, the attendees remember your brand, the event message, the people they meet, and the stuff they see. And that’s the point.

Final Thoughts on Upcoming Event Entertainment Trends

Event organizers know the importance of keeping up with the latest live entertainment trends. It’s the only way to shape guest experiences to deliver the desired impact for your target audience. And that is extremely true when it comes to in-person event entertainment trends.

Of course, hybrid and virtual-only events will continue to have a place in the post-pandemic era. But they will be a part of—not a replacement for—real-world in-person entertainment. More than ever in the post-pandemic event industry, being physically present offers an irreplaceable experience with networking opportunities and heightened emotions the online world can’t duplicate.

Industry Leaders in Immersive Entertainment Trends

Do you need unique ideas to help your event stand out? Bravo! Entertainment is an industry leader in one-of-a-kind live entertainment. We provide unique entertainment ideas  and management for gala dinners, corporate events, trade shows, and conventions. Our experts know how to create attention-grabbing acts guaranteed to draw people to your event and keep them engaged.

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