Fundraising Entertainment

Bravo! Entertainment curates some of the finest entertainment to create successful fundraisers one after another—all without upstaging the real star of your event, its cause.

Our secret to successful fundraising entertainment is to strike the right balance between awe, emotion, and fun. Together these sentiments can wash over event attendees and turn them from spectators into donors.

25 Years of Fundraising Entertainment Experience

Our entertainment delivers exceptional value for non-profits and event attendees. Bravo! Entertainment has helped hundreds of fundraisers, large and small, find smashing success through event entertainment. To do so, we carefully pick the right talent and acts that not only match the theme of your event but enhance the mission of your fundraiser, playing support to your big night.

Part of that mission includes finding entertainment acts that align with your fundraiser’s cause.

Over decades of experience, we’ve learned that when the entertainment talent believes in your event’s cause, they are willing to give more and do more. We’ve cultivated relationships with talent worldwide to understand better the causes near and dear to their heart.

Because the right talent is willing to go above and beyond to create something special for your event’s entertainment, they normally wouldn’t. That creates an event experience your donors will remember.


Bravo! Entertainment is a full-service entertainment agency. We provide complete handling of your fundraising entertainment, from talent search and management to all aspects of your entertainment’s production.

Fundraising Entertainment,
More than Music

Bravo! Entertainment has 25 years of entertainment industry contacts around the world. So whether you’re a non-profit organization, charity, political event organizer, school, or club, we can source the perfect entertainment act to make your fundraising event unforgettable.


Looking for something specific when it comes to your fundraising entertainment?

Search our talent catalog to see the wide variety of entertainment acts ready to make your fundraiser a success. Below is a sampling of the types of fundraising entertainment we can provide.





Live music



Stage Acts

Bravo! Entertainment, More than Booking

Bravo! Entertainment provides end-to-end entertainment management for fundraising events. That includes helping you plan, select, and manage all your event’s entertainment. The sooner you include Bravo! in your event planning, the better we can understand your cause, audience, and event to provide recommendations that perfectly match your event’s needs.

Our long-time event clients especially appreciate our professionalism and the skills we bring that make fundraising entertainment easy for their events. Including our adept negotiating experience that can help save on your fundraiser’s bottom line. That means a higher percentage of your event’s donations go to your cause, not the entertainment’s pocket.

Bravo! Entertainment fundraising entertainment benefits everyone. Our clients are thrilled to let someone else manage the entertainment while saving them money. The talent works with professional, experienced entertainment managers, and your fundraiser’s audience receives a wonderful event experience.

Ready to start planning your next fundraising event?

Contact Bravo! Entertainment and see how we can help make the process effortless, start to finish.