The COVID lockdown years saw a lot of virtual and hybrid creativity in entertainment for corporate events. Indeed, 2020 and 2021 forever changed how people view live entertainment. So, what type of corporate entertainment works best in the post-pandemic era?

The post-pandemic audience has become weary of routine acts like music, comedy, etc. Consequently, predictable shows make it harder for the corporate message to stick. Now, the best entertainment for corporate events surprise and engage the crowd. The target audience becomes part of the show instead of mere observers. Thus, today’s successful corporate events are more fun, interactive, and memorable.

This piece highlights five of the best corporate entertainment ideas. These performances stand out because of their surprise element, visual effects, and sensational appeal. Best of all, event planners can tailor these acts to your theme, brand, and company message.

What’s Hot in the World of Corporate Entertainment?

Do you need to transform your corporate events from mediocre to magnificent? Below we will discuss some examples of the types of entertainment acts that are trending in the world of corporate entertainment that you can include to take your functions to a whole new level. These five unique, customizable acts allow organizers to plan corporate events that bring people together like never before.

#1 Living Decor Interacting with Event Guests


The best entertainment for corporate events has a wow factor. And it’s first impressions that create the atmosphere for any conference, convention, or other meetings. One way to make a great impact is to have living decor. While living statues are the most common example, you can surprise and delight guests with living vines, living art, and other interactive decor who can greet and mingle with guests. 

These acts offer an aesthetic visual experience throughout the entire event. Moreover, living vines and other living decor are unique, fun, and memorable, and thus talked about long after the function.

Like all the best conference entertainment ideas, human statues—and how they interact—are within your control. You can customize them to your event theme, company branding, and color scheme. Also, living decor is visually stunning and provide guests with an opportunity to capture memorable photos to share on social media.

#2 Let Celebrity Chefs Set Your Corporate Entertainment Table


Experienced event management teams know the power of food-related entertainment. It’s a guaranteed way to bring folks together and form connections. Celebrity chefs are outstanding performers in front of a target audience and know how to work a crowd. These popular acts are ideal for smaller events, allowing guests to cook with the chef or follow along at cooking stations. It’s the perfect recipe for creating fun and memorable experiences.

Why else should you consider celebrity chefs during corporate event planning? Well, you can integrate products, services, company logos, and colors into the act. Aside from food, event organizers can use celebrity chefs to promote non-food products like special equipment, or to give inspirational talks on how to succeed in business, etc.

#3 Roaming Stage Performances with The Gantry Bike


If you’re looking for an unusual act, a unique sight that will make your event instantly memorable, consider the Gantry Bike. Initially designed for the festival world, the Gantry Bike is a pedal-driven, self-contained platform, and stage. It is a fantastic event entertainment option for venues without a permanent raised platform for entertainment acts.

The moving stage structure is large enough to accommodate ground and aerial entertainment acts without the need for additional rigging or electricity. Its mobility allows entertainment acts to get up close and personal with your event attendees to create an intimate experience reminiscent of street performance. 

It’s an instant hit at events and an immersive entrainment option that remains mobile while serving as an eye-catching centerpiece entertainment act for your event venue. 

#4 Visual Light & Dance Performances


Planning a corporate event with visual lighting effects and dancers will surely blow your audience away at large-scale meetings. These dancing light artists create truly magical illusions that immerse an audience like few acts can. They work well for brands that need a wow factor to capture the guest’s attention. Light and dance performances are also perfect for epic opening ceremonies or high-impact finales. Event planners can tailor the choreography to align with a new product launch or to tell your brand story.

The only limitation with visual light and dance performance is imagination.

#5 Pig Races 


Corporate gatherings don’t have to be repetitive, boring events that people feel obliged to attend. So why not surprise your guests and plan a corporate event with a bacon racing program? These quirky and fun activities promise plenty of pot-bellied laughter from the outset.

Each attendee is given a custom betting card to study the animal’s racing form. Then, they pick out their favorite grunter and place a bet at one of the betting booths. The event organizer announces the start of each race at different times, and the betters head to the track in excited anticipation. Fun!

These successful events are USDA licensed, self-contained, and fully insured to get everyone laughing. Pig races are highly memorable side attractions—and that’s the point.

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Other Corporate Entertainment Ideas

These are only some of the unique corporate conference entertainment ideas trending right now. Other immersive and visually spectacular entertainment to consider includes:

  • Amazing three-dimensional cubes and video mapping
  • Performance acts like the Jabbawockeez
  • Typewriter poets
  • Entertainment as décor, e.g., living paintings, champagne chandeliers
  • Air sculptures
  • Sway poles

Coming up with unique entertainment ideas that work can be daunting. That’s why many organizations consult with a professional live entertainment production company. This approach allows them to relax, knowing their function will be a great success with guests.

Closing Comments

Corporate event planning should complement the theme and tone of a function and create memorable experiences. But the world of entertainment for corporate events is changing as audiences tire of the old and predictable acts. The new shows are unique, customizable, immersive, live, virtual, and hybrid. And the most exciting development in corporate entertainment is how these entertainment acts turn passive spectators into participants.