Corporate, fundraising, and private functions all need the right acts to succeed. But none of that matters if your indoor or outdoor entertainment venues fall short. Selecting the right venue is the foundation of a successful event. When it comes to indoor and outdoor venues, each setting has pros and cons, so how do you determine which is a better fit for your event?

Vibe and aesthetics change between indoor and outdoor event venues, but other factors also need your attention. Consider the event size, location, budget, décor, possible entertainment acts, and the time of year. So naturally, there is a more controlled environment when the event is indoors. But the open space, fresh air, and novelty of outdoor entertainment acts have a special appeal.

Big day functions can be nerve-racking for less-experienced event organizers. And when it comes to event entertainment acts, some performances work better outdoors, while others would be near in possible. And getting the venue wrong can make that a costly mistake. 

This piece looks at the pros and cons of each venue type to help you make better-informed venue selection for your next event.

Indoor Event Venues

Indoor sites may seem safer and more predictable than outdoor locations. In many cases, they will offer the best security. But enclosed venues do have challenges, primarily logistical. Some examples are seating arrangements, standing capacity, and recreational space, such as a dance floor or stage. For the latter, the line of sight will be another consideration. Additionally, indoor event venues have rules that could clash with your function.

Pros of Indoor Event Venues


No Weather Concerns

You needn’t worry about wind, rain, or snow disrupting indoor event venues unless there’s a severe storm. This alone means less stress for event planners, as you don’t need to keep checking weather reports in the lead-up to the function. You also have control over the temperatures indoors. Not worrying about Mother Nature’s impact leaves organizers free to concentrate on other essential aspects.

Readily Available Power

Indoor event venues have readily available electrical outlets. That makes it more straightforward to set up sound systems and lighting. Hardwired power also means functioning bathrooms, HVAC, working kitchens, and other built-in amenities for executing events.

Division of Space

Buildings can offer different rooms. Additional space is helpful if you want separate areas for entertainment, dining, talks, demonstrations, etc. Bars can be noisy, so having one separated from the main room means fewer bottlenecks and distractions.

Increased Security

It’s much easier to control an indoor event. There are no easy-to-bypass cordons for uninvited guests to access, making it much harder to crashevents. Walls and doors also offer a sense of comfort and division for high-profile attendees and acts to enjoy away from crowds. Plus, surveillance solutions, such as CCTV and monitoring services, are much easier to manage inside a building.

Décor Protection

Most indoor event venues give you free rein regarding themes and décor. The only request is that you don’t create any fire hazards or break safety violations. Unlike outdoor functions, there’s no risk of wind damaging your décor, furniture, or furnishings. That’s something to consider if you plan to use lightweight, small, or fragile details.

Cons of Indoor Event Venues


Space Restrictions

Indoor space can be tricky for inexperienced organizers. Too many empty areas make it look like a poor event turnout. If there’s not enough space, things become cramped and chaotic. Also, every venue will have a non-negotiable maximum capacity, so numbers matter more than with outdoor functions. Aside from seating, you must also consider space requirements for décor, furniture, entertainment, etc.

Event Logistics 

Large functions will need convenient access to ample parking. Another potential headache is the need for delivery ramps and docks for loading and unloading vendor and entertainment equipment. Thus, planners should never accept an indoor venue without a thorough, professional site inspection.

Restrictive Rules

Indoor spaces usually have more venue rules than outdoor events, including health and safety regulations. Always check whether any large décor items and entertainment props will fit or are even permissible. Emergency exits must be kept clear without exception. The rules and regulations will vary between event venues, so ensure they are compatible with your plans.

When Event Planning Becomes Overwhelming

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Outdoor Event Venues

Like indoor event venues, outdoor functions also have their advantages and drawbacks. People are naturally drawn to appealing green spaces and grounds surrounded by nature. Beach settings are also exciting if they offer a realistic environment for your event. Still, there’s more to consider with outdoor locations than first meets the eye.

Pros of Outdoor Event Venues


Enhanced Space

There’s nothing worse than an overcrowded indoor event, but that’s much less of an issue with an outdoor function. Giving guests space to move and mingle creates a relaxed atmosphere. But remember, like indoor venues, outdoor spaces also have maximum capacity rules, so always ensure your guests won’t exceed the capacity.

Natural Light 

An indoor event on a beautiful day will have your guests wishing they were outside. Natural light and fresh air are uplifting. Daylight also helps event photographers capture stunning photos, especially before and after the midday sun. Think golden rays, long shadows, vibrant colors, and contrast. Natural lighting gives mood and character to events and captures images that flash lighting never could.

Venue Versatility

Outdoor event venues offer planners more versatility in most cases. The lack of a floor plan makes managing seating arrangements and décor easier. It’s even better if the location for your event has beautiful gardens and a majestic backdrop.

Cons of Outdoor Venues


Weather Issues

Some areas have more predictable weather than others, but even in places like Southern California and Hawaii, there are no guarantees. Outdoor events have the potential of being rained out, but high winds can also severely disrupt or cancel any function. It’s important to consider what to do in the case of inclement weather.

Ordinances & Permits

Outdoor venues may need to comply with local noise ordinances or enforced quiet time. Verify the rules if you expect your event to party on into the early morning hours. Many outdoor spaces also require additional permitting from local authorities. Be sure to check with your municipal and county authorities for permitting requirements.

Wildlife Nuisances

Be careful where you host your outdoor function. The last thing you need is for your event-goers to constantly run from or swat away flies, mosquitos, and wasps. Nor do you want bugs, squirrels, or birds becoming a nuisance to your event attendees. It only takes a few people complaining to put a damper on the occasion.

Final Thoughts on Venue Selection

Indoor and outdoor venues both have advantages and disadvantages. That is why it’s critical to determine your specific needs and wants during the planning stage. Alternatively, you may opt for the best of both worlds with a flexible indoor/outdoor arrangement. Choosing an event venue with transitional spaces can help maximize the benefits of an outdoor venue while mitigating its downsides. 

Of course, you will need entertainment to capitalize on indoor and outdoor spaces. Bravo! Entertainment can provide you with indoor, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor decotainment and event entertainment acts guaranteed to please.