Adam Steltzner – NASA’s hipster Rocket Scientist, Jet Propulsion Engineer, Master of Mars and Dangerous Dinner Guest!

Dr. Adam Steltzner’s keynote addresses speak to problem solving and teamwork while taking your audience on a journey of what it was like be on the tam that had to figure our how and then successfully land the Rover “Curisoity” on the planet Mars!
Steltzner, the lead mechanical engineer for the crucial entry, descent and landing events when the rovers reach Mars, agrees. On top of being an award-winning teaching fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Adam was also in a rock band. And he loves his job at NASA.
How he became interested in his profession:
“I was playing rock and roll in the San Francisco bay area and noticed that the stars changed positions between the start of a gig and the drive home. I had never been much of a student in high school, so I decided to take an astronomy course at the local community college…and fell in love with the idea that I lived in a knowable universe. I decided to go forward and learn all that I could about this universe that I had just discovered.
“A decade later, I had a Ph.D. and was working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, exploring and expanding the edges of our human knowledge. Pretty cool!”
What he likes about his field of work:
“I like to learn. I like to be intellectually challenged and am an explorer at heart. My job allows me all three.”
What are our clients saying?
“If you want an engaging, inspiring and humorous speaker than Dr Adam Steltzner is your man. Adam has a human quality that allows him to effortlessly explain the complexities of space travel in a way that keeps the audience captivated but never confused. Drawing on parallels between the commercial business sector and NASA exploration allowed for everyone in the room to relate and take value from his presentation. A thoroughly nice guy and great speaker. Would defiantly book again.” Microsoft UK