At the ripe old age of 5, God’s plan for BENITA’s life was seen in a vision that she received while looking out of a window. In the vision she was dressed in white and standing on a stage. Though she didn’t disclose the details of the vision to anyone until she was an adult, it is now apparent that singing is and has been a part of her life’s work.

Some of which includes:
* 3 albums
* EMMY Award
* 2 CLEO Awards
* Writing, recording, & producing records and commerical jingles for Radio & TV
* Formed her own Stage Production Company
* Produced community festivals and started her own independant record label
* Member of the annual recording & performing group, the “Gospel Gurls” produced by Curtis King of “TBAAL.

Benita will perfrom in a variety of settings from solo vocal stylings to jazzy lounge ensembles, R&B mised with a flair of gospel Benita shines in any performance!