Those qualities are reflected in the group’s new recording, its third, entitled, appropriately, Transformation. Here, this unprecedented artistic inspiration re-emerges through the beauty of artistic creation and musical expression. Anderson explains,” When one goes through that kind of tragedy, and witnesses that kind of suffering and change, you gain an entirely new level of appreciation for life and love. You see the world through a different lens. You count your blessings. We want to realize in our music all that we are, in the best sense of the word. We choose to most personally express our emergence out of that experience through music.”

Transformation is Bleu Orleans’ latest manifestation of this new found strength, wisdom, and optimism. With guest stars including keyboard stalwart Patrice Rushen and Headhunters’ percussionist Bill Summers and smart arrangements that involve, string ensembles, Caribbean and urban grooves, the group is moving away from the tragedy and fully realizing the power it’s given them.

The original compositions on the upcoming release range from passionate, heart felt ballads to high-energy funky eclectic works. The level of invention is constant and propulsive, giving the band a more potent voice to offer musical commentary to its ever evolving city and its world.