Bricks in the Wall is an nine-piece Pink Floyd Tribute Band based in Dallas, Texas.
Boasting an elaborate “Arena” size stage show incorporating videos on a large circular
screen synched with the bandʼs energetic, mesmerizing performance, a state-of-the-art
light and laser show, and even a large inflatable flying pig, Bricks recreates the sound
and feel of a Pink Floyd show with stunning, uncanny accuracy.

Personnel includes two guitars, bass, keys, drums, two female backup singers and sax enabling Bricks to play
the full Pink Floyd catalogue thrilling fans of each era of Pink Floydʼs music. The
exclusive Pink Floyd Tribute Band for the 1,600 seat House of Blues in Dallas, Texas,
Bricks has established it self as a band that can sell tickets, hold a crowd and keep
them coming back!