Dave Fleming

Dave started his journey of entertaining corporate groups in Orlando. He hosted game shows and award shows at Disney properties, resorts, and theme parks. And he even designed games for Disney guests to play while waiting in line. He dubbed this Q Crew and it was a big success for Disney as they rarely allow “outsiders” to interact with Copyright 2014 Dave Fleming Speaks, LLC their beloved guests. But Q Crew helped them alleviate the number one problem at the theme parks – waiting in line. This passion for creative problem solving has served Dave well throughout his career.
Dave has also been analyzing consumer behavior, having worked for over 15 years as
an expert marketer for companies like Snapple, Delta Dental, and Cadbury
Schweppes. With that keen eye, he sees the workplace unlike anyone else on the
planet. He’s passionate about improving the human dynamic. He thinks conference
calls are hilarious. And don’t get him started on recall emails.
Dave’s humor-filled speeches and training programs are designed to provide instant
impact. He wants his audience to LEARN, LAUGH, and then take those ideas and go
LEAD change back at the office.
In September 2013, Dave published his first book Inside the Cubicle: Discover What
Really Affects Workplace Morale and Productivity. This book shows individuals and
organizations how simple changes can deliver big results. Put a chocolate chip cookie
in every box lunch and productivity at that meeting WILL increase, guaranteed.
Dave is also doing commercial work these days. He recently appeared in a promo for
Dallas, TX Channel 21’s fall comedy lineup.
Last and so certainly not least, Dave’s family is everything to him. He has a beautiful
wife (the Lovely Deb Fleming) and two terrific daughters. You will find them all
laughing together in Frisco, TX, a suburb of Dallas.