DJ Spice Girl

DJ Spice Girl is a Texas girl through and through!!  Her love for music started at a very young age, creating mixed tapes/ CDs for her friends, singing karaoke and active in both her school and church choir. She has always been involved in music, now her passion has catapulted her into the DJ she is today.

DJ Spice Girl is an open forum DJ that caters to just about any crowd. Specializing in Happy Hours, Corporate Events, Weddings, Non Profit Events and Much More. Her favorite music includes House, Motown, 90s R&B, Chill House- Electronic, Hip Hop and Top 40. Taking on -the- spot requests with over 3000 songs on deck, DJ Spice Girl is always ready to create an experience that will inspire you to groove.

DJ Spice Girl’s Favorite Songs:

“This Must Be The Place” — Talking Heads “Feeling Good”(Bassnectar Remix)—Nina Simone “Boombayah” — BlackPink “So What’Cha Want” — Beastie Boys