D.R.U.M., is the World Rhythm, African Rhythm and Reggae band, based in Houston, Texas.
D.R.U.M. uniquely combines continental African and African Diasporic drum rhythms with a healthy dose of jazz, funk, R&B, Reggae and Latin influences to create a rich, earthy (and immediately accessible) world beat sound.

They top off this musical gumbo with a full melodious sound, abundant pop hooks, smooth vocals and a colorful stage appearance. D.R.U.M. has consistently won public music polls in various categories since 1991 and also boasts a variety of published works. D.R.U.M. has appeared in concerts from Pori, Finland to Tartu, Estonia and toured the United States with the Bob Marley Festival annual tour since 1993. Once heard, you’ll begin to understand why they always leave audiences wanting more