“Feel the Beat” was a corporate employee celebration using an event concept in which entertainment would be the vehicle to deliver the themed experience.  The venue was the perfect blank palette on which to design a rhythmic entertainment production with visual and audible impact.
It included drumming groups, martial artists, dancers, cirque performers and interactive entertainment that the attendees could participate in.  All of the performances, reflected back to the event’s core messaging: example of team’s working towards a highly sophisticated outcome comprising of individuals from different disciplines.  Similar to how our corporate client is comprised of many distinctly different corporate cultures and is able to outperform other companies in regards to results in production, in the community, and as an employer.
Custom choreographed performances combined with invented instruments created a unique and ever evolving rhythm throughout the event.  Entertainment flowed through the event using 3 main stages and casual performance areas around the venue.    With each entertainment vignette the rhythm changed as did the lighting, transforming the look and feel of the event all evening.
The entertainment performed in increments of 20 minutes on three different stages, making guests move through the space with the entertainment. Original elements included a custom all white light-weight Drum Orb, an Earth Harp, and a Violin Jacket.