The nation’s top flair bartenders brought to your event and blended together with a dedication to service, mixology and entertainment all while serving exquisite cocktails. This is a fun alternative to traditional bartending that still provides great service with specialized personal crowd interaction plus an unbelievable flair show. Audiences are very receptive to this practical form of entertainment and it blends well in conjunction with live bands, DJs and fun events.

Unlike traditional bartenders, our Flair Bartenders have dedicated their careers to learn every aspect of bartending intricately, allowing us to create tasty libations combined with an exiting and entertaining environment.

Our Flair Bartenders are classically and professionally trained mixologists (think of a mixologist as a bar chef). Every drink they make uses techniques to maximize flavor and appearance with finely balanced ingredients to make your cocktail enjoyable.

Significant Events of Texas commented: “The guys were great and a perfect element of entertainment for this party. They were on time, professional, and courteous. Thanks!”

Our crew consists of the best “competition level” flair bartenders and are fully insured and “Tips” certified.
Flair is the ability to throw, roll, toss and balance any object behind the bar. It ranges from a lime wedge, to a martini glass, even to a completely full bottle of liquor.

Our crew can serve classic Sidecars, Manhattans and Martinis to modern cocktails all night along with complex and light flair routines creating quick entertaining drink service for your guests.
Flair bartending “Taste The Entertainment”!

“Flair”, or “freestyle bartending”, as it may be called can be divided into two styles; working flair or competition flair. The difference between the two being the level of risk and complication of the tricks are higher for competitions. Good flair should be light hearted and entertaining while making actual, drinkable cocktails. It is a form of showmanship for confident cocktail bartenders that differ from the ideas behind mixology and drink-orientated or service-minded bartending.

What Is Working Flair?
Working flair is quick, light, and are realistic moves that can be performed without slowing service. Most working flair involves glassware, one bottle, bottle and tin, garnish, or occasionally, two bottle moves. Working flair is always performed while making a cocktail or drink. Flipping empty bottles is not working flair.

What Is Exhibition Flair?
Exhibition flair is performed for entertainment and competition purposes, generally involving longer, choreographed routines. This usually requires special preparation and set-up of bottles and is a style that generally does not lend itself to every day bar shifts. However, there are a growing number of flair bars around the world that showcase exhibition flair as part of their operation’s entertainment. Exhibition flair often involves multi-object flair including 2,3,4 and 5 bottle/tin tricks and routines.