Their ILLUSIONIST AND GHOST TALKER has been heralded by high ranking magicians as “one of the best magical experiences” and something that “transcends a magic show”.   3 years ago after experiencing a HIGH RATE of return guests Sean-Paul and Juliane created a 2nd show to give those guests a completely different experience.  Different from their primary show MAGIC LAUGHS is now one of the best comedy shows around.
Magic Laughs is a show that is filled with the segments that Sean-Paul has been perfecting during his 30 plus career in magic and Illusion.   As this reviewer mentions, the audience is a HUGE part of magic laughs and Sean-Paul need someone from the audience with almost everything thing he does.
“Sean Paul delighted us with his sleight of hand and Juliana amazed us with her mentalist ability. They both drew the audience in and called upon individuals to be part of the show. It was fun seeing the look of puzzlement on everyone’s faces as Sean worked his magic. The show was interactive , funny, and more importantly worth every penny. Not high priced for what you get either. Would have a paid more! Every part of the audience can be involved.  – Review from November 2016”