Interactive Robots

Head Rotates, Hands can carry Objects
The Millennia Robot is capable of many gestures and movements including the ability to carry signs or products.
Dancing Platform
Hop on…bet you never danced the Funky Chicken with a robot! Our proprietary Passenger-Carrying Platform means this robot can offer rides or dance with guests. IRI’s exclusive remote-control system allows our operators to transparently manage the robot in full view of your audience, from 2 to 200 feet away. Rent short or long term or you may request a custom-designed robot to your exact specifications.
How We Do It
Expressive, Fluid Movements
Millennia is the most advanced Social Robot of its kind in the world today, with more expressive body movements and programmable for speeches, dance routines, gestures, messages, etc., with an on-board computer that has a greater capacity for storing and playing back musical segments, sound FX, and messages.
Chest LED Panel
The LED panel can be programmed with any message and changed with ease; video screen which can either display a logo or video, or show a live image of the Robot’s point of view so people can see themselves on the screen.
Our Social Robots are heads and shoulders above all other remote-controlled roll-arounds. The world-class designs and unparalleled reliability (low-maintenance) are specifically meant for taking on such important roles as hosts, entertainers and powerful marketing/PR tools.
Our exclusive IRI Micro Remote-Control System allows our animators to transparently operate the robot in full view of your audience, from 2 to 200 feet away. The effect is magical and effective.