Jay-B and his top notch musicians are the driving force in introducing Zydeco to the north Texas music scene. Zydeco is a very energetic style of music originating from southwest Louisiana. It is a blend of creole, hip-hop, soul and reggae with a blues influence and is commonly referred to as the “Party Music”. If you wanna get loose and “let the good times roll”, contact the Posse.

Girard “Jay-B” Brown born in Duson, Louisiana has over 30 years experience in music. His primary instrument prior to the accordion was the bass guitar.

Jay-B has always had an interest for various musical instruments. One day he decided he would teach himself to play the accordion. He invested in a cheap accordion and sought advice and techniques from his Louisiana friends and relatives. Jay-B’s strong will and perseverance led him from practicing on a cheap accordion to perfecting a multiple of professional single row, triple row and piano accordions.

He founded a Zydeco cover band called Jay-B & the Zydeco Posse in 2004 and it has been a fun, high energy roller coaster ride ever since.