Jay Leno Impersonator

Jay Leno Impersonator creates Your OWN Tonight Show!

Imagine your audience settling into their seats as they await the start of your General Session. The house lights dim, and instantly a familiar video of images and music explode across the screen. In a flash, they realize it’s the opening montage of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A slight wave of tickled anticipation comes over the crowd as their brains attempt to figure out what’s about to happen. Then within seconds, “Jay” comes bursting onto the stage effusively greeting and “high fiving” them. A playful confusion begins to take over as they try to wrap their heads around the tricks their eyes and ears are attempting to play. For the man on stage, looks, sounds, and feels just like Jay Leno. Welcome to Your Tonight Show!

For the next 10-12 minutes the crowd enjoys a humorous Tonight Show style monologue of political jabs, Hollywood gossip and current headlines. Then it all moves behind the desk and to the sofa where “Jay” proceeds to introduce his guests. One by one your company’s CEO, VPs or managers are interviewed by “Jay” from a list of predetermined bullet-point questions provided by each guest. Just like it’s done on the late night TV talk shows! And to be sure, there’s always plenty of opportunity for humor during the interviews. Plus, there are never any mistakes, just opportunities to make a joke and get a laugh. Afterwards, audience members are welcome to the stage for photo ops with “Jay”… always a fun takeaway for them.

Humor is the great equalizer; it grabs people’s attention and opens their hearts and minds. Your Tonight Show with “Jay” gives your audience all the important information you want but in a fun, unique and memorable way. In fact, to this day, people are still talking about their corporate experience with this presentation from 10 to 15 years ago. Why not bring this experience to your next corporate event?