Kaminari Taiko was founded in 1996 with a number of talented musicians from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. The members diligently trained under world acclaimed Taiko Masters such as: Daihachi Oguchi, Seoochi Tanaka, Kenny Endo and Takemasa Ishikura to learn the fundamental skills, philosophy and the spirit of centuries old Japanese tradition.
Kaminari’s technical skills were refined through ten years of experience by collaborating with world renowned taiko groups: San Francisco Taiko Dojo and Wadaiko Matsiriza of Disney World Epcot Center, toured over 20 major cities and performed at over one hundred concerts to live audiences exceeding 150,000 and developed into a prominent performing taiko group.
In addition to stage performances at theatres, festivals and celebration events, Kaminari performers continually refine their skills through mandatory training programs several times per week at their own dojo (studio) and provide weekly taiko lessons for beginner taiko class, weekly public elementary school lessons and fun filled clinical taiko workshops for terminally ill and children with disabilities.