Malambo Gauchos

Producer and Director, Fernando Quevedo hails Malambo Gauchos as a turning point in Specialty Artists. He should know, as a gaucho dancer himself, his Specialty Act was Voted Specialty Act of the Year in Las Vegas. “I have seen a lot and this troupe of dancers is second to none” states Fernando. They’re passion, energy and love for gaucho dancing is inspiring. But m opinion is not important. What counts is the opinion of the audiences and they have received them with cheers and applause EVERYWHERE they go!”
Juan Santillan is legend in the world of gaucho dancing. He is the premier gaucho artist to come out of Argentina and is the inspiration of countless of young gauchos who look up to him as a role model and the epitome when it comes to the use of the boleadoras (weapon consisting of a ball attached to a rope which is spun at high speed). Among the many accomplishments in Juan’s career, he count his Royal Performance for the Queen of England as one of his proudest moments.
Hilario Cabral has that distinction too. He also performed along Juan for the revered Mother Queen. His talents led him to travel the world and present his style of dance across Europe, Australia and the US.
Nicolas Morales is the new torch bearer, continuing to keep the fire of gaucho dancing alive. He is a new generation of dancer who was instrumental in making Malevo, the Argentinian group that performed in America’s Got Talent being able to make it to the finals. Nicolas soft spoken attitude is a contrast to his powerful stage presence. His choreography is excellent specially when it comes to staging the malambo: the dancing with the stomping of the feet reminiscent of flamenco.
Professionals Both On and Off the Stage
The acclaim, the standing ovations and the universal praise is nice but it is only one side of Malambo Gauchos. The professional and friendly attitude off-stage is equally as important and the guys are wonderf to watch when interacting with fans and admirers. Down to earth and friendly, they quickly become friends to anyone working with them.