Richard Birtchnell-“Toastmaster / Emcee”

Richard Birtchnell-“Toastmaster / Emcee” has 30 years of experience at organising and running live events. From banquets to Bar Mitzvahs, royal occasions to weddings, Richard knows the protocol. Whether it’s announcing guests and letting them know when to pass to dinner, making everyone feel welcome, advising on correct form, cueing the music, organising the photographer and the band or even guarding lost earrings, on any grand occasion, the Toastmaster is the starter, the director of people, the diplomat and guide.

Richard Birtchnell has run hundreds of live events in the last 30 years including shop openings, fashion shows, sales conferences and seminars, AGMs, City presentations, trade missions, charity balls – you name it and he’s organised it. Clients, guests, delegates and diplomats, on business and pleasure, have benefited from Richard’s skills as an event producer. So when you hire him as a Toastmaster, you get more than a Toastmaster. He’s not only a master of logistics with an eye for detail, a sympathetic ear, a strong clear voice and a safe pair of hands – but an event expert with three decades of experience.

His skills are particularly useful when guests number in the hundreds. He will successfully calm and guide them, whilst setting just the right tone and level of formality the occasion demands. Richard Birtchnell toastmaster is a Past President of the Society of London Toastmasters, the most prestigious organisation, retained for the most important events.