Shimshi Magic and Illusion

Steve Wynn says: “Shimshi is the best” and personally welcomed him to the Wynn and Encore casinos in 2009. In 2012, Mr. Wynn had Shimshi create an illusion act for his 100 million dollar featured show, Le Rêve.
Over 15 Million people have witnessed Shimshi‘s magic when he appeared on NBC’s hit T.V. show, America’s Got Talent. Shimshi was thrilled to be the last magician standing, out of hundred of magicians!
Shimshi has performed his corporate show for many of the top Fortune 500 companies. He was also privileged to perform at many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity events. Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Ryan Seacrest, Usher and Tiger Woods are just a few of the stars that have witnessed Shimshi‘s magic, as well as The Prince of Saudi Arabia and President Clinton.

MindPlay is Shimshi‘s one man Mentalism Show. In this highly entertaining and interactive performance, Shimshi displays extraordinary abilities of the human mind. Shimshi‘s MindPlay has left audiences gasping for the past 20 years in 5 different continents. The show is performed with Shimshi‘s warm energy, comedy, and his amazing connection to his audiences.
At one moment of the show, audience members’ belongings will defy gravity. At another they will feel Shimshi‘s touch without him being anywhere near them. Shimshi will know information about the audience that is impossible for him to know without knowing them. Like knowing the name of their first love or their date of birth. Is it possible that Shimshi can see an hour into the future and predict completely random acts, which happen throughout the show? As Shimshi likes to say, “Impossible Is Overrated.”
It’s all unveiled in Shimshi‘s MindPlay.
Performance Time: Up to 60 Minutes (depending on the event requirements).
Shimshi‘s mindillusions is a worldwide successful phenomenon. From The Princess Grace Theater in Monte Carlo, The Winter Garden in Berlin, to the Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. This fast paced Grand Illusion Show, starring the astonishing Shimshi and his beautiful dancer. This show features breathtaking physical illusions as well as highly interactive mind illusions.
Shimshi displays his extraordinary physical human abilities, where he finds a volunteer’s card with his foot, in mid air, while doing a backflip! And that is just the beginning…
A member of the audience will float in mid air; another volunteer will share the stage with Shimshi and witness his assistant’s stomach being removed!
The volunteer will be so close, the he would touch her legs, head, and the empty space in between.
Throughout the show, Shimshi will also perform his renowned mind reading demonstrations. It’s all part of an all-around special entertainment experience. He will guess the name of their first love, their wedding anniversary date, and will see an hour into the future by predicting random acts, that would happen throughout the show.
Shimshi redefines magic, with this incredibly thrilling and unforgettable show, mindillusions.
Performance Time: Up to 75 minutes (depending on the event requirements).