The Hottest New Act From Las Vegas

Based in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, comes Vynilyn. It is the best of a DJ and a Band, with two live violins, a world-renowned DJ, choreography, synced lighting, turntable tricks, a tailor made video show, and live vocals, all over custom remixed versions of your favorite songs.

Vinyl + Violin = Vynilyn

Consisting of Adrianna Thurber, (Rod Stewart, Celine Dion) Carissa Werner, (Toby Keith, Bad Bunny), and cb shaw, (Rehab @ Hard Rock / Ceasars, Las Vegas) the three full-time professionals have joined forces to create an experience that transfixes the listener, engages the viewer, and moves the dance floor.

On the stage is where Vynilyn truly shines. Their live shows are mesmerizing spectacles of light, movement, and sound, combining the flowing prowess of two violin master players with the lightning precision and smooth, flawless, transitions of a world-class DJ. This is a all synced to a custom live video DJ show full of music videos, visuals, movie and TV samples, even cartoons and commercials, all blended and scratched perfectly in time and in key to the music.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll dance, and you’ll sing along at the top of your lungs!

Hey BTW . . . Streaming doesn’t have to be boring! 

Since Virtual Events are a norm and Hybrid events want unique Virtual elements- Vynilyn is THE best solution for entertainment!

With a full interactive virtual production, Vynilyn have their own private studio with green screen, lighting, multi-angle professional cameras, sound, and visuals, to give your event a quality Vegas experience, right from the comfort of your participants own living rooms. With interactive chats, guests can communicate with Vynilyn directly, and each show is customized specifically for each individual client. They can create custom content for any event, anywhere in the world.

This is not only a simple solution, it is a cost effective one. Since your client or company doesn’t have to pay for expensive meeting rooms, flights, hotel rooms, or meals, Vynilyn is a bargain for any virtual event. Theme parties, General Sessions, Kick offs, Award shows, Dance parties, Charities, Vynilyn can handle them all!

A brand new group, Vynilyn has already secured residencies at Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Ceasars Entertainment, and the Luxor just to name a few, and have worked with many of your favorite artists and brands.

All of Vynilyn’s content is clean, and suitable for all demographics. With a unique blend of modern beats and remixed classics, there is something for everyone!

Vinyl + Violin = Vynilyn