The Premier of Xenovibes would be remembered as a show of the United Nations of Musicians. and the conjoining of different musical backgrounds and nationalities, in a live performance that required a straight from the heart delivery unlike jazz improv.
Having already created a handful of multimedia and theatrical productions including two electronic operas as Director of Electric Muse (Singapore) Shueh-li knew that when it came time to create her own commercial showstopper, her east meets west…ancient art meets new-world technology trademark production was the key to her success. Bringing accomplished musicians from disparate musical expressions to “improvise” on her sound is an extension on the idea of Xeno+Vibes (disparate souls meld).
Xenovibes premiered in Singapore to a standing-room crowd only. An indie concert, the opportunity cost was well worth the effort as Xenovibes became one of the more unique concerts of 2004 in Singapore. Xenovibes made its US debut to 4,380 at the Dallas Museum of Art!