Talent Category: Big Band

Cap City Band

Cap City Band offers a high energy show to cater to a modern audience with a fantastic balance of your favorite dance songs from Motown, soul, 80s, 90s, 00s, country and today's top 40! You'll appreciate their versatility when working together to curate a setlist for your event and will [...]


Encore is comprised of extremely diverse musicians and entertainers including Grammy Award winning talent


Marquise is gaining national attention for their exceptionally enthusiastic, interactive, and unique performances

Talk Of The Town Band

Marvel in the spectacle of a 15-piece musical ensemble of world class musicians and entertainers all coming together to create an experience you’ll ever forget. With horns, guitars, drums, vocalists, strings and more, Talk of the Town Big Band produces a wall of sound and energy that is truly unmatched. Featuring [...]

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