Talent Category: comedy

The Martin and Lewis Tribute

The Martin and Lewis Tribute- The Martin and Lewis Tribute" is a show in a class all its own. Never have two artists captured the very essence and chemistry of the celebrities they perform as have Tom Stevens and Tony Lewis. These two incredible performers have each had success on [...]

The Mavs ManiAAcs

The Mavs ManiAACs are in their tenth full season as the hip-hop dance troupe of beefy men who entertain fans during Dallas Mavericks home games

Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers perform a variety of fast-paced comedic routines featuring mime, physical movement and sound effects skills.

What Does Joey Know featuring Joey Fatone

Multi Media Star Joey Fatone brings his bubbly brand of humor and effortless conversation style to a new virtual show called “What Does Joey Know”.  The idea for the show came from a simple “name that tune” online bit during quarantine.  The show was then expanded to include music trivia, [...]

White Ghost Shivers

The White Ghost Shivers are a seven-piece band, with an accordion, upright bass, banjo, trumpet, clarinet, violin, guitar

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